Benefits of PC Share Manager

As all of us know PC Sharing and Remote Desktop Softwares helps life much better to solve a lot of the issues in our daily life. Here is the easiest way of resolving most of development and designing problems rather than staying on phone or call center to resolving. For marketing reason it will help everyone a lot, if you wish to present your products to clients its only a click away then choose the options provided and share your respective screen to your valuable clients, it is a good way to share data with others remotely easily and quickly. There are many ways were you can usually benefit from these types of tools/applications like: Remote Access, accessing your system remotely from work, home, coffee shop, etc.

PC Sharing, you can collaborate with your friends, clients, or even users conveniently by sharing your PC and you can now resolve most of the designing anddeveloping problems quickly by sharing your PC.

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Top 5 Best Free Remote Desktop And Screen Sharing Software

PC sharing softwares are the ones which often save the day of a users or anybody who is working with PC for example working as a distributed team and desire desktop collaboration, supporting a remote web application that you had built or have to manage the work PC from workplace or home. You can find Top 5 Best PC sharing applications that helps to build this remote connection. There are several ways you can benefit from these PC sharing softwares


TeamViewer is an easy and quick solution for remote control, desktop sharing and file. Just run TeamViewer on both PCs with no need of an installation procedure. It also allows two people to complete file transfers, remote support (with or without installation)


Yuuguu will connect to the server to let you know if that contact is already signed up to Yuuguu or not. If the user is not using Yuuguu, an inviting email will be sent providing all needed information in order to get started. Setting up the program is very easy.


ShowMyPC is a Community for Remote Support providers. Providing tools for Instant Support to Service Providers and Users. The tools on this site are meant for Online collaboration, Desktop Sharing and Remote PC access.


Mikogo is a free tool, it allows you to share your desktop in true color quality with up to 10 participants simultaneously. Mikogo can be employed for a range of uses, including online meetings, desktop sharing, web conferencing, product demonstrations, online presentations, or remote support.


You can share your desktop, show power point sides, collaborate, chat, talk, and broadcast via Web cam with no need to download anything.

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How to Share files on another PC

If you wish to share files on another computer, just follow these step:

  • First of all you must make sure both computers are on the same Workgroup.
  • Right click on My Computer > Properties > Computer name > Change > Workgroup
  • Take note of the Workgroup name.
  • Then, you might need to set this up for network sharing.
  • Go to start > Control panel and click “Network Setup” and run through this. (if this isn’t in the control panel then it doesn’t matter)
  • On the Vista / Windows7 PC you need to enable file sharing. you can do this through networking and sharing center.
  • Once this is enabled you need to make sure that this PC is also on the same Workgroup.
  • Again, right click My Computer > Properties > Change settings.

Well I hope that was helpful and comprehensive enough for you all.

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How to Configure PC Share Manager

If you want to use Digital Living Network Alliance better known as DLNA, follow these steps to set up and use Samsung PC Share Manager software.

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Pc Share in buisness field

The Pc sharing is totally useful for the business side and technician side and makes the work easier for many companies and banks and clubs for the prices and the clients and for the calculation of how much gaining money are getting , profit . to get the statistics of the daily amount there is a pc shared for the person who do the statistics and the person who gets paid for that all the amounts will be managed and shared so fast to the person who do the statistics so they will be no problem with calculating and everything will be managed

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